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The technique and foundation Shelby helped me build my voice on is one that’s not only reliable and consistent, but completely unique to me.

Shelby taught me how to have good practices while keeping all the things that are special and unique about my tone, and that’s a huge reason I was able to pursue being an artist. Having freedom, endurance, and confidence in my voice has allowed me to lean into live shows, having an online presence, writing songs without limits, and truly see how far I can go in this town. I’ll forever be grateful for the spark Shelby saw in me, and all the time she took to fan the flame.

Erin Kinsey
Country recording artist

I've learned more in the past year from Shelby than from all my previous teachers combined.

She has both the ability to show examples with her own voice, and a deep understanding of the mechanisms of singing. I walk out of every single lesson as a better singer and more confident in my voice.

Justin Kawika Young
Gone West (Featuring Colbie Callait)